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DATA : 15/02/2023
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BeachLog: a multiple uses and interactive beach picture


Keywords: Beach management, tool, coastal zone, scenario.

 Banca Examinadora:

- Prof. Roberto Barcellos (presidente, Interno ao PPGO)

- Profa. Flavia Moraes Lins de Barros (UFRJ; Externa ao PPGO)

- Profa. Luana Carla Portz (Universidad de la Costa CUC, Colômbia; Externa ao PPGO)

- Profa. Tereza Araújo (Suplente, Interna ao PPGO)

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Beaches worldwide serve a wide range of activities. These environments provide essential ecosystem services and positive conditions that coexist and can be impacted by harbors, industries, fisheries, estate development, protected areas, and tourism. Also, these environments provide essential ecosystem services. There are some tools already in place that classifies or rank beaches according to a series of more or less consensus parameters, it is possible to identify a gap in the development of tools that map and describe beaches regardless of their uses or activities. This work offers a flexible tool for beach description, called the BeachLog, that can be used on any beach. BeachLog is based on the more frequent parameters in the literature, selected, organized, accounted for, and altered/added other ones accordingly to expert opinion. We created a list of 30 parameters, all of which were described in detail accordingly to what is expected to be observed by the user. They were divided into 5 groups (Environmental characteristics, Services & Infrastructure, Information & Security, Planning & Management, and Descriptive). Here, we describe 14 beaches using the BeachLog by inputting the results as presence or absence in an interactive dashboard. Beach litter appeared as a key parameter (9/10 of the base BeachLog literature), and we analyzed its evolution and presence in beach management tools (1997 – 2021). Planning & Management was absent on all 14 beaches studied, pointing out the relevance and gaps in this group.  Beach Log showed as an easy way to describe a beach and can be a tool to support diagnosis and understanding of the beach’s status. It can be used to support coastal management projects worldwide.

Externa à Instituição - LUANA CARLA PORTZ
Presidente - 1728428 - ROBERTO LIMA BARCELLOS
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